Christmas Card Workshop 2pm

Join Restoration Wares at Red Clay Ciderworks to make your own Christmas cards! Details here!


  • Our first ciders will be brought to you in part by this batch of apples.

  • Our North Carolina apples come from beautifully gnarly trees like these.

  • Incoming! Apples at the start of the pressing line.

  • The juice is pumped into these 250 gallon totes for transfer.

  • They shoot, they score (!!), they have a building at 245 Clanton!

  • We had an amazing day at Charlotte Oktoberfest and can't wait until next year!

  • Incoming! Here come the fermentation tanks!

  • How do you get 99in tanks through a 96in door? Very carefully!

  • Jay hugs one of his babies, relieved we got them all in without a mishap.

  • Discovered there's red clay under Red Clay after digging the drains; who'dda thunk?!

  • Houston, we have the wood for our bar top!

  • The 2,000 lb Brite tanks were also too tall to fit through the bay door standing upright.

  • No worries! The RCC professional rigging team cowboyed up and got the tanks in on their sides with no damage! Shwoo!

  • The tap room is coming along nicely! Next in our lineup is the draft system installation!

  • Moving the fermentation tanks into place.

  • A hard day's work doesn't end with clean kegs; now we have to fill them!

  • Why yes, this guy did have valid ID!

  • Good people, good times!

  • The bourbon barrel cider is nearly ready!

  • We've clearly over-served this guy!