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Christmas Card Workshop 2pm

Join Restoration Wares at Red Clay Ciderworks to make your own Christmas cards! Details here!

Our Path

Several years of home-brewing later, Jay and his wife Deanna would find themselves eyeballing the apple trees in Deanna’s parents' yard in Michigan. They picked five bushels of apples and processed them by hand, coring, slicing, and running them through a food processor. The result yielded ten gallons of pure revelation; holy wah (!!), we’re on to something!

A move to North Carolina followed—as did their interest in cider—and several seasons passed before they realized this had turned into a rather large hobby; every fall about 30 friends would help sort, grind and press multiple commercial bins of apples. It was then they decided they had to either go commercial or risk getting arrested by the Revenuers!

With the support of family and friends, Jay and Deanna took the plunge and started down the path of creating Red Clay Ciderworks. As for the name, it sprung from merely looking down; red colored clay is what lies beneath the feet of the locals, and constantly seeing boot tracks-- a telltale sign of a good time-- made an impression... and the brand was born!

They look forward to sharing the passion that goes into every glass of cider they make!